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Management, what we provide


NSW possesses the requisite expertise and experience to effectively oversee owner-operated businesses, particularly in scenarios where the proprietor is gradually reducing their participation.

Find and manage talent

The process through which a company identifies, recruits, and successfully integrates a new leader.”

The manner in which a company’s leadership is fortified during a transition of ownership.”


Improving margins

Cost reduction strategies.

Strategies for transforming a stagnant company into a growth-oriented enterprise.

Digitization & Sales

Expertise in digitization.

Proficiency in digital marketing.

Negotiation tactics and strategies.

Understanding of procurement processes and public tendering.

Property development

Understanding of the intricacies involved in property development.
Strategic property management practices.
In-depth knowledge of real estate transactions, encompassing the buying, selling, and leasing of properties.

Corporate Law & tax

Efficient tax structuring to ensure the right amount of tax is paid, optimizing financial resources.


Proficient legal acumen tailored to the unique requirements of establishing and operating businesses in Sweden and the Nordic countries, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to regional legal and business norms.

Corporate transaction

Creation of necessary structure.

Finding and showing hidden values. 

Negotiation and legal knowledge of the transaction.

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