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Value increase 

Numerous entrepreneurs operate successful businesses that are financially sound, stable, and yield consistent returns.

At first glance, it may seem that such a company does not require ‘assistance’ or that there is nothing to improve upon.

Moreover, one might assume that a well-established company is worth its apparent value.

However, in practice, the reality is often quite different.

A significant number of small to medium-sized owner-managed companies can substantially increase their value through proactive ownership management with a focus on value creation.

NSW offers to spearhead the necessary improvements to prepare the company for sale.

Alternatively, NSW can enhance the company in a similar manner with value-adding efforts for the benefit of the owner’s or heirs’ continued ownership.

NSW undertakes the required work in exchange for a stake in the company. This arrangement is advantageous for the owner as a smaller portion of the company is traded for a significantly increased return, often multiplying the value many times over.

The work can be carried out with or without a consulting fee, depending on the contract structure, but ownership always remains a primary component.

NSW operates with complete transparency in what we do and how we do it. We do not purport to possess a magic formula; any magic lies in adhering to and implementing proven strategies that exist.

  • Value Enhancement through Management

NSW aids in increasing the company’s value by working to make the company more profitable and structured. We enhance the company in such a way that it yields more surplus, fosters growth, and as a positive side effect, the improved structures make the company less demanding to manage.

  • Value Increase for Selling

Companies that the owner wishes to sell offer an opportunity to realize a multiple on the improvements that are introduced. When executed correctly, value-enhancing ownership management before selling can not only highlight but also create substantial values.

Creating a higher value before selling involves much more than just increasing profits. NSW approaches value creation from a three-dimensional perspective.

Buyers, especially those who pay well, see through superficial enhancements and financial gimmicks.

Realizing and creating substantial value requires that genuine value is persistently created, necessitating a well-thought-out and thorough approach.

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