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NSW Generational change

In certain scenarios, prospective buyers or successors may not be readily available.

The proprietor of a business may not always have the desire or capability to divest their life’s work. Concurrently, other opportunities may present themselves, such as the realization of different dreams, the allocation of time for diverse activities, the need for assistance in revitalizing the business, or the urgency to address matters that cannot be postponed.


Successors or potential buyers may not always be present in the required capacity.

For an entrepreneurial individual, it can be challenging to identify a suitable buyer when the desire for change arises. The process of preparing a business for sale can span several years. Prospective buyers often seek continuity and a successor, preferably without familial ties. The question arises: will specialized skills persist if your involvement diminishes or if you depart?


It can be a daunting task to decrease the workload without causing the business to suffer and lose its competitive edge.

When the circumstances are favorable, we propose an alternative where NSW becomes a co-owner to achieve mutually agreed objectives. Practically, this implies a generational shift involving professional entities where the entrepreneur maintains ownership, and NSW assumes operational control in exchange for equity in the company, as per a shareholder agreement.

At NSW Generational Shift, the strategic direction for the company is collaboratively determined. The strategy could involve structuring the company over a period of one or more years so that it can be sold as a whole. Alternatively, the company could be propelled forward with a focus on growth and profitability, without a predefined timeline.

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