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Ownership philosophy

NSW cherishes classic business building. 
We believe in the power of the expression

"Many small streams make one big river".
NSW is not in the business of filling leaky buckets with water,

we find and seal the leaks.

Constant improvement

A business is strengthened from within by setting goals around which the company gathers.
Goals are achieved through the methods "one degree shifts" and the "pareto principle". 
Numerous small improvements that are individually easy to accomplish accumulate to a large cumulative increase in productivity. Improvement work that requires great commitment is focused on the activities that have the greatest financial significance for the business.

Responsibility for a bright future

Giving responsibility breeds taking of responsibility.

Ownership of responsibility, to be trusted,

makes it worthwhile for employees

to do their utmost. Trust the seniors and actively develop the

younger, we give young people chances to succeed with new tasks and expanded areas of responsibility.

Internal succession and development opportunities

provide for loyal employees."

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