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Running a business is the most rewarding thing we can imagine.
NSW is based on founder Johan Liten's knowledge as a family entrepreneur within a company group that omset just over SEK 280m.
The group is active in information management and has achieved success in the Nordics through digitization, organic growth, more than
13 additional acquisitions successfully integrated. The operations are located in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark at 19 addresses.
Ownership, management and development of properties are part of the portfolio.

Our main expertise lies in developing owner-led companies and elevating them with or without the continued commitment of the founder.
NSW is a platform to apply the power of ownership knowledge, we are fully digitized without the classic set of permanent employees in a fixed office location.

The structure makes NSW efficient and scalable, with low fixed costs, we only select truly interesting objects.
The company is led by the founder and the resources consist of a tight association of highly skilled area experts who are engaged to the extent that the assignments require.​

We work throughout the Nordics, 
where you are geographically within the Nordics is less important in today's digitized world and that NSW has access to aircraft. It bears repeating that NSW is about classic entrepreneurship, offering customers great value for money, looking after employees, protecting and nurturing the company's identity. With the right management, companies move forward on a sure footing.

Best regards, Johan Litens
Founder NSW Management


Founder Johan Litens
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